Friday, August 6, 2010

put some spice to give you life...

herbs are easier than you think to incorporate into your diet. you can make tea out of about any herb. add a little lemon or lime juice and some honey or even a stevia leaf (since you can by the plant), and health becomes sweet and drinkable. here are some uses of common herbs...

Anise: liver, kidneys, stomach
Basil: anxiety, depression, drug withdrawal
Bay Leaf: bronchitis, arthritis, digestion
Cardamom: bronchitis, vomiting, celiac, asthma, bad breath
Cayenne: breaks down fat 25% faster, circulation, migraines, congestion
Cilantro: metal-eliminator, bloating
Cinnamon: balancing blood-sugars, cramps
Cloves: parasites, diarrhea, toothaches
Coriander: bloating, cramps
Cumin: liver, digestion
Curry: prevents Alzheimer's

congestion and phlegm
Marjoram: cramps, calming, insomnia
Mint: gallbladder, fatigue, morning sickness, nausea, and parasite
Mustard: burns fat, diuretic, raises body temp.

Sage: menopause, digesting fatty foods, fevers
Tarragon: parasites in children
Thyme: hangovers, digesting fatty foods, asthma, colds, headaches
Tumeric: anticancer, antioxidants, food poisoning, salmonella