brooklyn, brooklyn...take me in

my new desk! couldn't be more excited...

what i did last night...going to become a weekly event!
thanks god it was pbr instead!

my favorite coffee shop kind of looks like my room now...almost the same aesthetic.

habana outpost  has movies every sunday night, projected onto the wall of their building!

i was already following this blog from atlanta, but i have a new the brooklyn vegan & a special shout out to oh/my/rockness free show collection.

3rd ward art collective: looks like a very promising community art center...i will definitely take some of the jewelry and digital photography classes, but i may also take their welding class, because, as they say, i would like to be a "bad-ass."

brooklyn flea: incredibly over priced but really gets those creative juices flowing...esp. in the furniture arena.

my apt: a "spacious" room with a loft amazing roof with a water tower and an urban garden start...a sunny living room...and roommates who build furniture...what more could you ask for!

these aren't my decorations yet, but they soon will be.