Sunday, August 8, 2010

driving that train....

So i was originally going to put up definitions about my favorite words...word #1: jonesin(g)...once i started doing some research, the word wasn't quite as innocent as i thought.

First i found:
  • derived from lyrics of a Grateful Dead song; this is a "cocaine run" whereby the user has extreme difficulty in stopping the use; similar to an alcohol binge.
...which obviously, i loved.

it's definitely a word referring to a drug craving.
  • A word used to describe an intense craving for a drug. Comes from Great Jones Street in New York City, between Broadway and Lafayette Street, a former junkie hangout.
Apparently, it can also mean "to vomit."

Or my favorite...
  • To have a strong need, desire, or craving in an affectionate/romantic way for someone with the last name of "Jones". Ex: I am Jonesin so bad for this hot little thing Jessica, that I would drive 14 hours just to spend 14 minutes with her!!!
Other favorite word:

Definitions of dicey on the Web:

Not quite as exciting as jonesin!