Sunday, July 31, 2011

creative recipes i've been trying out...

creamy eggplant and mushroom soup:
roast 1-2 eggplants. peel out the inside.
blend with soy yogurt (2-3 tablespoons) and 2 tbls. of tahini and 1 large cucumber.
sautee garlic, onions, and tons of mushrooms.
mix all together.
add a dash of lemon juice, hot sauce, and water to the desired consistency.
store in a large mason jar :)

peachy bok-choy sautee:
sautee, bok-choy, onions, garlic, tofu and peaches in soy sauce, walnut oil, and rice wine vinegar.

cucumber, wasabi dressing:
blend cucumber, 1 tbls. of tahini, wasabi, 1 tbls. soy yogurt, and soy sauce. great veggie dip!

curried, ginger seiten:
sautee garlic, onions, seiten, and mushrooms with curry, walnut oil, and any sort of ginger sauce. great with avocado added--actually anything is.

fashion week:

just got a $2.50 skirt at goodwill just like it!

still looking for a night romper...

Friday, July 22, 2011

"dragon-ed" eggs

so when you're hiking for hours on end and you're hungry, you have time to come up with some creative recipe ideas! this is what we came up asian twist on deviled eggs, and it turned out to be better than sushi!

our technique:

step 1: hard-boil eggs (this recipe is made for 8 whole eggs)
step 2: cut in half, separate yolks and whites
step 3: we soaked the egg whites overnight in a mixture of 2/3 tamari and 1/3 water
step 4: in a separate bowl, mix yolks, 1 avocado, 1 tablespoon wasabi, and a few dashes of tamari
step 5: top with pickled ginger (shaped in a flower is best), wasabi pea singular (opt.), and/or seaweed or sesame spice mix

oh "salvation" army...

my life in burlington...

My life in Burlington is probably the quaintest life ever. Some daily activities: pickling veggies, picking blueberries, making jam, kombucha, bike rides, hiking the LT, picking flowers, picnics, working on my herb garden, taking care of the chicks, burger cookouts, backyard movie screenings, craft nights, mason many little good things in life!