Wednesday, August 11, 2010

like a rolling stone...

Jann S. Wenner: editor and publisher of Rolling Stone for 40 years interviewed some of the most famous musicians and politicians of the 20th century.


I have his John Lennon interviews downloaded on itunes. The voice quality is horrible, but it is amazing to listen to. You can also buy a book of famous Rolling Stone interviews. Also, one of my favorite quotes is from one of his interviews with Pete Townshend (the Who).

"If I had said this when I was a kid, if I ever said to myself, 'One of these days you'll go through a whole day without once thinking that your nose is the biggest in the world, man'--you know I'd have laughed. It was huge. At that time, it was the reason I did everything. It's the reason I played the guitar--because of my nose. The reason I wrote songs was because of my nose." ~Pete Townshend