Thursday, August 5, 2010

apocalypse now...

Francis Ford Coppola, best known for his directing of both Godfathers, produced Apocalypse Now in 1979. The movie sets the book Heart of Darkness (by Joseph Conrad) into the Vietnam War. It's one of my all time favorite movies and such a work of art for the time it was made.

The first scene is an amazing example of Coppola's talent. It juxtaposes different slides with amazing cinematography, serenaded by "The End" (the Doors). The part where Martin Sheen breaks the mirror was improved while he was drunk and stoned. It really captures what his emotional and drugged state would have been, literally. Lawrence Fishburne is also in the movie at 14 years old. Between Sheen's heart attack, a cyclone in the Philippines, and drugged actors, the movie almost seemed doom.

If you're interested in other great Vietnam movies, see Deer Hunter with a young Christopher Walken and American Gangster which show both sides of the drug trade during Vietnam, import and export.

Coppola's wife did a documentary on the filming of Apocalypse Now in 1991 called Hearts of Darkness. It's absolutely amazing if you want to watch it! Now Coppola has a winery, restaurant in San Fran, and resorts around the world as well as storybooks.

Cafe Coppola & Wine

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