Friday, September 10, 2010

a new year

This was one of my favorite books when I was little...the premise: that you choose your "new year." It's the day that feels perfect to you. My new year would be the best day of fall, when the air is at its crisp-est, the leafs have the most variety of color, and the wind blows through browning fields. And all you want to do is pour some hot soup. What a great idea though, the day that you start fresh, celebrate a new year for yourself, and plan what changes you want in the new year.

I have been receiving thoughts from from the "universe" for the past couple of months. It is by the guy who wrote The Secret if you're familiar with that book/movie. The idea is that whatever vibes you send out into the universe is what you receive back. Essentially, you will everything to happen in your life by imagining it will happen. There is a sort of truth to that I think because we see what we want to see in life, and most of what happens to you are the opportunities you choose to see. Here is the note i got yesterday, and it just cracked me up:
People who give, Lila, are given to. People who care, are cared for. And people who love... age slower, run faster, jump higher, eat healthier, tend to live in cottages, are as happy with friends as they are alone, climb more trees, skip when they could walk, kiss when they could talk, take the odd Friday off, experience faster manifestations, and are really popular with animals. And you're just the sort, Lila, we'd expect to find with lots of friends, in a tree, on an island you named after your last squirrel.

Love, baby -
The Universe

This book is the combination of the ideas that form these thoughts from the universe that brighten my day so much. They are like the yogi tea quotes i live for! Go to to sign up for notes from the universe, and if you haven't started buying yogi tea, you are way behind!