Monday, November 22, 2010

tom petty just broke my heart...

Tom Petty has always seemed like a cliche to me...partially because 97.1 the River has overplayed his hits to the point that they've lost their original charm, but Tom Petty was a rock 'n roll rebel in its purest form. I just watched this dvd called "Running down a dream," and I am now in love with every member of the heartbreakers (but especially stan lynch and howie epstein!).

(look at stan with his mullet and rather effeminate stance...i love him!)

I didn't know that Tom Petty sued the record companies for taking the rights to his songs and lyrics. It was a highly publicized lawsuit that he financed through the"lawsuit tour." MCA also tried to take the rights to the songs he was making which his friend stored in their car after every practice under the name "morgan land." He also told record companies that they didn't have the right to raise record prices to make money off of Tom Petty's popularity--that if his name was on it, prices had to be kept low. What a rebel!

"Wildflowers" has always been on of my favorite songs...

Howie Epstein died with complications to a heroine addiction in the 90s. A tragic example of the dark side of rock and roll...still i love him more than anyone else in the band!

so jewish, cooler than even stevie nicks, and very saved by the bell!